Types and Benefits of Custom Retail Packaging

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So, you are a custom retail packaging vendor or retailer who believes in selling them for extra profit? Well, custom packaging has transformed how things are packed today.

Some stats show how custom packaging has changed the industry:

  • Up to 82 percent of European eCommerce product consumers prefer recyclable packaging products.
  • On the other hand, 69 percent of people prefer using foldable packaging.
  • 79 percent of them would prefer reusable packaging.

These trends show how the packaging industry is going and how it has changed over the years. So, you can read the top benefits your custom retail packaging offers. Plus, this article will be super helpful in getting you the top types of custom retail packaging. So, let’s kick it off!

Benefits of Custom Retail Packaging

Custom retail packaging ensures a perfect image for your brand that makes your products shine bright. So, if you want to add extra glitter to your brand, you can rely on them.

Make A Killer First Impression

So, how many customers buy or receive your products for the first time every month? Well, maybe hundreds or even thousands. So, you have only the first time making a killer impression on your customers. But, when you sell something in retail, you can make them return with such an impression.

customer retail box

So, the more flare your packaging has, the better experience your customers will have. So, your retail packaging boxes need that unique flare that impresses your customers and makes them buy from you.

The Online Boost

Now, you may be a local store and want your customers to keep coming back. But what if you want to go bigger and better? Well, social media now works from the local and country levels to the global level.

You have to add different information and specifications on your social platforms. So, you can have great promotional results with great packaging when you want a bigger market.

Well, the question is how it works. Your packaging creates interest in your products, allowing a faster boost through unboxing videos. So, harnessing the power of retail packaging boxes is a great benefit.

Protection and Sustainability

You can try out different materials for custom boxes and their protection. The thing is, corrugated and rigid materials can be a lot of protection for your products. So, better protection comes with custom boxes that your products will suit.

At the same time, retail boxes need sustainability, and custom packaging can help with this. So, multiple custom box materials work well in retail boxes; you can offer more sustainability with them.


Your custom boxes provide fantastic versatility when it comes to using custom boxes. So, your custom retail boxes work for a host of needs. Well, you can pack kids’ toys in them and even your bedsheets.

This way, they offer multiple benefits that other packaging boxes do not carry.

Types And Features of Custom Retail Boxes
Mailer Boxes Mailer boxes are easy to pack and offer amazing protection with durability. They come in eco-friendly forms, too.
Rigid CustomRigid boxes can carry offset printing and offer fantastic protection with excellent attractiveness.
CBDYou can have CBD boxes that can carry multiple effects, like embossing and debossing.
Gift Boxes These boxes are super-attractive, eco-friendly, and tailored to your gift’s dimension.

Types of  Retail Packaging Boxes

So, when we know their benefits, we can also learn what types are the most common and in-market ones. Some top types of retail boxes are:

  • Mailer
  • Corrugated
  • Rigid
  • Paperboard
  • Gift boxes
  • CBD boxes
  • Invitation
  • Collapsible Boxes
  • Shoulder Boxes
  • Corrugated
  • Telescope Boxes

So, we can take on some of the top custom box types in this article. First, we will discuss the most common ones so you can learn what they are and why your retail business needs them. So, here are some details of the retail packaging ideas you can try for your store.

Mailer Boxes

Mailer boxes are famous for being easy to pack any retailer as you would love to prefer them. Moreover, you can rely on their protection and durability. You can have multiple color graphics, logos, and text on these boxes as they are custom boxes.

customer mailer box

They are famous for reliable quality and offer the perfect size according to your needs. At the same time, you can get mailer boxes with eco-friendly materials. Moreover, your packages can meet your products’ needs as they offer multiple dimensions that suit them.

Some top mailer box add-ons and types:

  • Adding inserts in any mailer box helps you provide more protection for your products.
  • Kraft mailer boxes are a common type.
  • Adding stickers to your mailers can help you add unique flare your customers will surely love

Corrugated Boxes and Their Types

One thing is sure: your corrugated boxes can have a toll without much of an issue. So, they can be your first choice if you want something lightweight that saves your skin from product damage. They also offer flexibility and can be reusable and entirely sustainable as well.

Another thing you will surely notice about them is their cost-effectiveness with easy customization. So, if you want something customizable in the retail category, try them out.

Some of their types are:

  • Try out single-phase corrugated boxes to send products for eCommerce orders.
  • Double-wall boxes work better for heavy duties that need more protection.
  • Corrugated mailers are another type that works for retail purposes and eCommerce orders. You can ship smaller and lighter products in them with ease.
  • Kraft corrugated boxes are standard and may work for more significant product consignments.

So, you can also make your boxes more useable when you can fold them according to your needs. This means you can save space when you are storing these boxes.

Rigid Custom Retail Boxes

customer retail packaging

So, retail boxes are made for retailers who seek to create a direct impression on their customers. Your boxes must carry some extra shine that custom boxes can be good at. That is why some of their types work super well to add that natural spice to the retail game, like:


  • CBD
  • Shoe boxes
  • Rigid boxes for gift
  • Rigid boxes for candles
  • Telescope boxes
  • Presentation boxes
  • Two-piece
  • Subscribers boxes

So, these boxes have their specialties that will change your results forever. The better they perform, the more customers will return for a great experience with your store. Some of these retail packaging ideas can boost your sales heavily.

Some top features they need to carry:

  • They can carry offset printing, and you can use them for their fantastic protection.
  • Their attractiveness is one of the top features they offer you.

CBD Retail Boxes

So, this type is evident as they are made for carrying CBD boxes that are bound to carry such products. As the products in the CBD category vary, so do the boxes. But we can confidently say they carry the same features in most types.

  • Regarding custom CBD boxes, their design or specifications vary greatly.
  • They can carry multiple effects that work for custom boxes. Embossing, debossing, and excellent finishing can make them stand apart from the competition.
  • Such products must have standard customization features like logos, text, colors, and graphics.

So, when your custom boxes need to work for retail, you can try these to pack your CBD products.

Gift Boxes

Now we know what gift boxes are for and why they matter for vendors in the US. So, a vendor in the US needs to have them when they want to pack gifts for their loyal customers. Well, they can sell them in the holiday charismas season and beyond.

Some features these retail boxes must carry:

  • Gift boxes must be super-attractive as they must offer a catchy feel for your customers and their gift recipients.
  • They should be able to carry any item that would work as a gift.
  • Such boxes need to be eco-friendly as well.
  • Ensure that they come with the dimensions according to gift sizes.

Types of gift boxes:

  • Box and lid packaging is a common type in the gift box industry
  • Try offering hinged flap lid retail gift boxes for a beautiful presentation. It is a perfect box for high-end gifts like watches and other luxury products.
  • Book-style boxes are another must-have when selling custom retail boxes for gift packaging.
  • Also, it would help if you used clamshell boxes that come with three-sided hinges.

Regarding gift presentation packaging, retail packaging design needs to perfect things in the attraction department.

Final Thoughts

The better your retail packaging design, the better sales you can get when selling these boxes.

Retail packaging suppliers can significantly help get your custom retail boxes. So, you can rely on us to get such boxes in the US market.

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