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Custom Square Cut Labels

Attractive custom square cut labels are the simplest and most cost-effective solution to boost the brand’s image and gain more exposure. It is possible to choose between a glossy or matte finish for the square labels. To further enhance the visual appeal of square labels, you also have the option of selecting between rounded or right-angle corners.

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Between 2" x 3.5" and 8.5" x 11"(Square Labels) | Between 1" x 1" and 7" x 5" (Roll Labels)


Full Color CMYK (1 Sided, 4/0) (Square Labels) | Full Color Front (CMYK, 4/0) / Full Color Front (CMYK + Front Mask, 5/0) (Roll Labels)



No Coating (Square Labels) | Gloss / Matte / Lamination (Roll Labels)

Paper Stock

60lb Label Stock (Square Labels) | Bright Silver Metallic / 70 LB Eggshell / Semi-gloss / Clear BOPP / White BOPP (Roll Labels)

Custom square cut labels and rectangular labels can easily make your custom label design pop, whether your product is in a bottle or a bag. Square labels can be used in various applications, including packaging, promotion, trade shows, and exhibits.

They are eye-catching

Custom stickers can be just as eye-catching as any other marketing ad. With a well-designed customer label, you're sure to draw attention. A winning combination of an eye-catching image and a memorable tagline is a guaranteed thing. Getting the attention of potential customers is difficult, but when done right, it can result in a significant increase in sales. Many business owners find it challenging to develop fresh and innovative ways to attract clients, but this is only because they are reluctant to try new things. Additionally, stickers are a huge hit with the general public. Imagine how much free publicity you'd get if a cool sticker were slapped on a laptop and shared with everyone when they were updating their blog at a neighborhood coffee shop.

Raise brand awareness

It's your product's label that sets you apart from the competition, at least in terms of appearance. To promote your products and raise brand awareness, a well-designed custom label is essential. In addition to boosting sales, a label can also help you enhance your reputation. Has anyone ever gone shopping and picked an item with an unattractive title because you couldn't find anything else? The odds are that you have not. As a result, we avoid low-quality products, and a lousy label tells us to steer clear of them. Custom square labels have the advantage of looking just like stickers.

They fare well at business events

A lot of promotional materials are likely to have been on display at any conference or other business event you've attended in the past. Regarding promotional giveaways, pens, lighters, or coffee cups are the most popular choices. But no one wants to pierce their pricey suit or outfit only to wear a badge, even if they've been around for a while. A sticker, on the other hand, is superior to them all. Compared to the other solutions, they're a breeze to use, fun to look at, and much less expensive. Stickers are a sure way to boost your brand's worth at a business event. Their versatility is unquestionable.

Stickers are no longer restricted to the rear bumpers of pickup trucks. Trades, purchases, and sales of sticker-related goods are taking place all the time. Custom stickers are undervalued for their adaptability. As far as most people are concerned, stickers are nothing more than a 2x2-inch piece of hardware for your laptop. As for sticker sizes and shapes, the options are nearly endless. From the little ones on the backs of notebooks to the massive ones in the storefronts, there's a wide range of sizes. If you're ready to try, you can use these in various ways to benefit your company.

PackagingX is a one-stop shop for all of your custom labeling needs, from design to manufacturing and even delivery. We offer a wide range of custom square labels in various designs and sizes so that we can satisfy all your marketing and packaging requirements. Whether you pick one of our pre-made templates or ask our design team to develop something unique for you, it's entirely up to you. Customers who want to design custom suitcase boxes can consult our packaging specialists for free. Order today to take advantage of our latest offers!

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Yes, almost anything is possible for this. You can give us any artwork, graphics, photos, or sketches. We can even do things like logos and text design for you, so it's totally up to you what type of artwork you would like.

Yes, we have our archive of various templates of customized boxes. Which by the way you are welcome to select from. You can contact our sales representative and he/she will send you the selected templates according to your needs.

Once we dispatch your order for shipment, you will receive a confirmation email plus a tracking number which you can use to keep track of your order.

Dimensions are essential for the product box to be designed, In case your printer did not provide you with the dielines of the product box then we request the size of the product so we can design a customized box.

In which you will need to send us the length, width and height of the product and we will customise the box according to the product. If necessary, we will include inserts, but that depends completely on the nature of the product.

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