The Ultimate Guide to Ecommerce Packaging for Beginners

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Suppose you have started an ecommerce business and just got an order. What will you do? How will you deliver it to the end user? Choosing the proper ecommerce packaging is essential. It will present your product in front of your audience differently to give an unforgettable unboxing.

Furthermore, it would help to choose multiple factors, such as material, design, size, and finishing, before selecting any packaging for your e-commerce product. Studying all the elements helps select ideal shipping boxes.

In this guide, we summarize different aspects of e-commerce packaging for you. We will take you through the concept of e-commerce packaging and its fundamentals for beginners. So, choosing the suitable material or types and different design tips for leaving a lasting impression will be covered.

What Is E-Commerce All About

The method of buying and selling goods and services over the Internet is called ecommerce. E-commerce was introduced in the market with the addition of the Internet. Consumers can browse, select, and purchase products or services while staying on their couch.

Business to business, business to consumers, and consumers to consumers, every business market enjoys this advanced method. It is becoming a dominant force in the modern global economy because it encompasses various forms, like:

● Online retail stores
● Auction sites
● Subscription services
● Online marketplaces

And many more.

What Is E-Commerce Packaging?

This term refers to packaging with specialized material designed to wrap products for shipping. You will be amazed after learning the benefits of ecommerce packaging.

● They protect items during transit.
● Has astonishing appeal to enhance customers’ unboxing experience
● Make products easy to transport without physical damage
● Help you with better branding through the printing part.

It would be best to care about making e-commerce packaging boxes beneficial for your business. Choose embellishment or printing that reflects your brand’s identity, manufacture with sustainable material, and ensure safe delivery.

The most used types for e-commerce packaging are corrugated cardboard boxes, poly mailers, and customized branding boxes. Let’s study the effective types in identifying the proper packaging for your product range.

Types Of Ecommerce Packaging

Every business differed from others and required different solutions to wrap and deliver their products safely to the end user. Therefore, different types of e-commerce packaging have been introduced to cater to the needs of other businesses.

We came up with different types, along with their features and benefits for you:

1. Boxes

They could be made of corrugated cardboard, kraft, or paper board material to provide the encased product-required strength. They come in various shapes and sizes to provide the perfect fit. Exact-size boxes are effective in avoiding the loss that could happen from the humps and bumps of transit. Plus, they are light in weight and do not cost much.

Whether you send fragile items or multiple products in one package, They give the sender and receiver complete satisfaction regarding safety. Every inch of these boxes is customized according to the brand requirements to meet the standards of durability and branding.

2. Poly Mailers

They are effective for lightweight and unbreakable products such as clothes to avoid scratches and smudging. These issues can arise due to external objects and the environment of these boxes. They are made of polyethylene material, making them waterproof and suitable for shipping.

They are cost-effective, do not burden the brand, and are perfect for non-fragile items. They can be customized with brand logos and names to boost brand identity, and their flat design makes them ideal for stores.

3. Sustainable Packaging

We are all aware of the increasing environmental concerns. This generated the need for sustainable packaging material. Packaging manufacturers use different recyclable and reusable materials. Then, there are design choices to cater to this need, as our ethical responsibility is to save our environment.

Recycled cardboard and biodegradable plastic attract eco-conscious consumers. They help the brand to gain the highest rank in the market. In addition, minimalistic designs are on top to reduce waste. Companies also preferred new usable packaging options to highlight their brand.

4. Customized Packaging

With increasing brands, sustaining a positive brand identity is complex. In this situation, customized packaging is the only way to align box design with a brand identity. The unique shapes, colors, and branding elements let the brand enjoy a distinctive identity in the market.

Customers do not forget the brand once it successfully provides a lasting impression. Different features of custom packaging for ecommerce, such as printing color schemes and embellishment, reinforce brand identity. A positive brand image has the brand gaining a higher position in the market with good revenue.

Design Your Ecommerce Packaging Bags

Packaging is a powerful tool to create a positive word of mouth about the brand among the target audience. Different aspects of it help the brand in creating a memorable customer experience. The art of designing is beyond functionality: a comprehensive guide is given below for your understanding.

1. Understanding Of Brand Identity

Your packaging should be an extension of your brand that showcases your core values, mission, and personality. It is the key to staying active even in the immense competition.

2. Right Material

Choose the right texture and thickness of material to give the desired appeal and strength to boxes. Therefore, selecting packaging material is essential to align with the brand message.

● Sleek cardstock
● Recycled cardboard
● Minimalistic kraft paper

These are a few options to ensure sustainability and give a premium feel and rustic touch.

3. Typography And Messaging

Printed customized messages or tag lines on the packaging deliver a good impact. A catchy tagline or a product description tells the customer about the product’s characteristics before purchasing it. A heartful thank you note connects the customer with the brand.

Make sure that all the writing that is going to be printed is aligned with the brand’s mission, value, and vision for lasting impacts.

4. Incorporation Of Visual Elements

Every brand has a specific logo, color scheme, and typography to present itself differently among market segments. Colors on packaging evoke customers’ emotions, and printed logos make your brand prominent among competitors.

The impressive typography makes the packaging appealing. Therefore, it should be legible and in harmony with the brand’s style.

Cost-Effective Packaging Strategies

Packaging plays a critical role in product protection and presentation. The writing helps them maintain their logistics and upgrade their branding efforts. Reducing expenses is the ultimate aim of any business, but in different scenarios, costs can quickly add up.

In this scenario, cost-effective packaging strategies must optimize operations and detect expenses without compromising quality.

1. Customer Returns And Packaging

Custom ecommerce packaging efficiently handles customer returns. The astonishing design and appeal contribute to easy and secure returns. It also maintains product integrity and shows the customer that the product is up to the mark.

● Preprinted return labels
● Return instructions

These are the key considerations to enhance customer satisfaction. It is the best way to build customer trust and streamline the return process. Involving this strategy in your business will eventually benefit both parties.

2. Storage And Inventory Management

Tracing goods and products within a warehouse is critical to business operations. It effectively controls and organizes goods to efficiently utilize space, manage product records, and minimize costs associated with handling.

The benefits of these are the following:

● Reduce the risk of overstocking
● Align business to meet customer demand efficiently
● Contribute to smoother operations
● Reduced waste
● Improve profitability

3. International Shipping Considerations

Adequate research on regulation, taxes, and shipping costs is necessary when business spreads overseas. Become a partner with cross-border deliveries for effective logistics and shipping.

There are a few considerations that you need to analyze before the product is overseas. Packaging material must be robust, and the product must comply with international labeling and documentation.

On the other hand, the potential delays should be communicated with the receiver. It is a commonly used method to expand businesses in the global market.

Analytics And Customer Feedback

Business success is calculated with two components: analytics and customer feedback. Analytics consists of quantifiable data; however, feedback is qualitative. Website traffic, consumer behavior, and sales are metrics that represent analytics.

Customer satisfaction, preferences, and studying their pain points are included in customer feedback. It is equally good to be clear about the business’s success path and analyze the areas for improvement.

This approach leads to enhanced product service and customer experience to stay active in the long run.


Packaging for ecommerce products is an intriguing part of any business. It performs all the functional aspects while maintaining brand identity and positive customer experience. The study of material design and different strategies is a must to identify packaging that could prove the best solution for your product.

Study all the aspects in detail to make your packaging a powerful marketing tool for your business. It can turn your customer into loyal ones who will, without doubt, choose you for their need.


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