Guide For Designing Remarkable Vape Cartridge Packaging

Vape Cartridge Boxes

Vape is a new in-thing that every American will be aware of. So, this new product is making a huge mark and definitely is considered for several benefits. The use of the right packaging for these products makes them super impressive. The thing is, why not avail of different styles when you can get them for your vape boxes?

So, when you know how to manufacture these boxes, you can create the right features they should carry. This article will give you tips on manufacturing them with unique designs, superb beauty, and impressive branding. It will also discuss how to select cartridge packaging for your vape or vape pen. Of course, the better your box design, the more unique your products will look.

Why You Need Vape Cartridge Packaging?

Getting beautiful and impressive designs in the vape industry is what vendors aim for. So, using attractive packaging is the best way to make your products sell more. People are interested in your packaging because they get an idea of your product’s quality.

That is why you need to perfect your packaging to boost sales and allure customers into buying products. Try to add some color themes to your boxes that should stay consistent and with designs as well.

Try Unique Shapes

When adding uniqueness to your packaging, you need to put your hands deep in your pocket. But of course, you can make unique shapes that come with some extra buck spending. So, you can spend some extra money to add that special flare to your CBD packaging needs.

Some top shapes you can have for CBD packaging are sleek and tall style. Also, you can add windows to your boxes and try hanging tabs. Other shapes work for these products, too, like window patching. Ensure that you create the shapes and use super impressive sizes.

Your custom-printed vape boxes always need to carry some special designs and shapes to stand out, so keep that in mind.

Designing Vape Cartridge Boxes Graphics

Designing your graphics can be half the game when you need something special. So, using these boxes with information your customers would need is the way to go. Ensure that you add quality images to represent what your CBD vape box carries. Usually, vape cartridges come in 1ml CBD Vape Cartridge & 0.5ml CBD Vape Cartridges so make sure you get the design according to it by showing proper information on each of them.

Also, some style in the typography and colors is what you need to keep in mind. You should always look for customized packaging graphics to ensure you get the designs your product should carry. This way, your custom-printed vape boxes will make a special style statement.

Add Ons

Using add-ons for your cartridge boxes can perfect your packaging. There is a long list of add-ons that work for vape packaging, like

  • You can try using gloss lamination or matte lamination.
  • Using embossing improves your packaging design and gives an impressive feel.
  • Try using spot UV adds texture and depth to your packaging.
  • Using glossy foil makes your packaging layers more attractive.
  • Another type is Full UV Coating which helps your packaging avoid any smudges. Also, you can get a high-quality appearance.
  • You can add hot foil stamping to your packaging.

Using designs for your vape packaging allows you to get the best beauty for your vape cartridges.

These Boxes Should be Attractive

Making your vape cartridge packaging design needs to carry out some systematic decisions. So, you can make your boxes special if you know your audience well. That is why you should learn about them and determine which type of packaging they want. Then, try to add beauty to your boxes and decide what you want to print on them.

Ensure that you add something special that your competitors do not have. Also, you should always use the right colors for them and pick a trendy type.

You can try using green colors to show that your product has been taken from natural sources. Here are some coatings that work for ways to add texture to your vape cartridge boxes.

  • You can try using UV to give a softer feel to your boxes. There are three types of UV, matte, satin, and gloss.
  • Try using metallic embossing or debossing to add extra texture to your packaging.
  • Also, you can try different papers that give your boxes a special texture and feel.

These features add special beauty and texture to your packaging, allowing beautiful results for your products. In addition, using natural packaging that tells about the product inside can help your customers be more clear about buying. At the same time, they will be more clear that they are buying something they actually need.

Some Features Vape Boxes Should Carry

Now, using great designs works for every product you see in the market. So, planning according to your product and using the right needs is what you should keep in mind. For instance

  • Use something stylish in what you need to have in your vape boxes.
  • Now, you should try printing your vape cartridge boxes to look decent to avoid any prejudice against consumers. But using funky designs may also do the job.
  • Add the right typography and design to your boxes to make them stand out.
  • When manufacturing for retail, ensure you make the boxes more handy and easy to carry.
  • Ensure that you design boxes that offer protection to your products.


Now, your designs need to be up to par, but why would you not add eco-friendliness to your custom box flare? Well, the better you take care of your customers’ needs, the better your response will be. So, you need to keep in mind the fact that people love to have sustainable packaging.

This goes without saying in countries like the United States as people are aware of how important saving the environment is. So, as a vendor in the US, you need to ensure that you make them eco-friendly.

Well, several things must be taken care of to make your vape cartridge boxes eco-friendly. They should be sustainable, recyclable, and eco-friendly materials. All custom cartridge packaging needs to carry that special feel that eco-friendly products offer to the youth.

Branding Features For Custom Cartridge Packaging

We all know that brands need to give some professional look to their customers to ensure they get the right hype. Getting ahead of your competitors is possible when you add branding features to your packaging. For instance, you should add a logo, tagline, and other information to your boxes.

Your vape cartridge packaging needs to deliver a feel of uniqueness and give your customers a reason to remember your brand. The ultimate goal of branding is to create recognition for your brands and get the best results with advertisement and packaging. Remember to add your brand name, brand logo, mark, and taglines to improve how memorable the brand is.

That is why your packaging design must carry all the information you need to create a memorable impression. Also, you should use punchy slogans and ensure you use the right words. Finally, use impressive fonts to create your branding message for your customers.

Using the right graphics imagery and perfecting things while keeping your values clear in the packaging is essential.

Custom Vape Cartridge Packaging Boxes

This Is How It Goes (The Step-by-Step Process)

Start by planning your production, allocate your budget, and choose the right materials and designs. Ensure that you know which colors and shapes to use. At the same time, look for a durable material that is strong enough to carry vape cartridges and protect them.

Here are some more things to remember

  • You should start by knowing the product’s dimensions. Then, try to use the product to take the measurements.
  • Ensure you know every part of the product you want to design. This way, you can find out what design you will have.
  • Then, choose the inserts or fillers you should add and look for a material that will suit the product.
  • Design your box, determine its shapes, and look for the best dimensions keeping your products in mind.
  • If you are a vendor, try adding something extra to your boxes to let your customers be positively surprised.
  • Also, give your printing and brand a beautiful look with your designs.

Get That Special Dazzling Look

Getting vape cartridge boxes in the US may not be easy, so ensure that you make a style statement with Packaging X. Our services offer customized solutions that go hand in hand with your product needs and meet your customers’ choices.

Let it be an easy and comforting journey to create that lasting impression your customers need. And make your boxes super stupendous.


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