Custom Packaging Solutions – The Perfect Guide

A Perfect Guide for Custom Packaging Solutions

It’s 2022 and we are still in a continuous process of evolution.

Competition and competitors appear to be getting tougher with the times and not only do you need a perfect strategy to stand out but you ought to think out of the box too. Every day new products are being launched on a global scale – some of them manage to grab all the attention while the others are barely even noticed.

Delivering a quality product is surely an important aspect of success but there are many other factors involved as well such as a uniquely designed custom box for your product. Custom Packaging plays a key role of captivating the audiences and becomes the deciding factor in the success of your product.

Since you have stumbled upon this blog, chances are that you might just be an individual planning to launch a new product of your own OR you might be running a huge business already and looking for ways to increase the sales of your products and raise your brand’s awareness.

Regardless of any of these facts, this blog is bound to enhance your knowledge regarding Custom Packaging Solutions and how can you benefit from them.

Let’s kick start with the most basic question
What is custom packaging solutions?

As the name depicts, Custom packaging refers to designing a packaging that is specifically tailored to the dimensions of your products to fit in perfectly. It doesn’t just end there, custom packaging isn’t all about a perfect fit but it also reflects the logo, colors, motto, etcetera, of your company. Generally speaking, custom packaging does involve various steps that ensure the recognition of your brand along with increased sales of your product.

What are the benefits of custom packaging?

Custom packaging is worth the investment for business which sets your products apart and serves as a marketing tool for your brand.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that now a days the consumers are looking for more than just a product – but a complete experience. Custom packaging possesses the power of giving a memorable experience to your consumers due to which they would keep coming back to you.

We have answered a few very important and commonly asked questions related to the benefits of custom packaging below.

1# How do I increase the value of my brand?

There are several steps that you can take to increase the value of your brand which involve exceptional marketing skills and using custom boxes for your products.

According to a survey, a majority of the consumers admitted being attracted or inclined more towards a product that has an aesthetically pleasing and a unique box which stands out.

Whether it’s inside the store or online purchase, you must ensure that your consumer can immediately identify your brand how do you do that? By using custom packaging for your products which would include the logo of your company and perhaps a certain pattern or use of colors.

2# How does custom packaging protect my product in a better way?

This is one of the most basic questions that people ask before opting for a custom box or a custom package for their product.

The difference between a custom box and a standard box is that a standard box is obviously won’t be made as per the dimensions of your products which means, during the shipping process or even while the customer is taking the product home after the purchase, it can get damaged due to the jerks.

On the other hand a custom box will not just be as per your product dimension but it will give shine to your product and will keep it safe and secure.

But if your product is something that won’t be affected by jerks, bad weather, water, etcetera, then you may opt for the standard box BUT just keep in mind, a standard box won’t set you apart from your competitors and your customers won’t be impressed by the presentation at all

How can a customized packaging provide a better experience?

In order to answer that in the most accurate manner, let us take a moment and visualize ourselves going out to purchase something.

Would you be interested in purchasing something which appears completely ordinary? If you are on a very small budget, and you just want to take your chances, you just might opt for that product.

But if you are looking for something worthy of your money, you would choose something that actually intrigues you and the customized packaging would play the “main role” in this scenario. So, if you hit all the chords right with the packaging of your product, your customer will always remember the experience.

All of the questions that we have answered above are the benefits that you can find in every type of custom packaging that you opt for and How Much Does Custom Packaging Cost?.

Now that we are done with the basics, let’s move towards the types of customized packaging you can choose for your products or which type would be the best for your industry.

1# CBD Packaging Boxes

CBD Packaging Boxes

CBD AKA Cannabidiol, is a chemical in the Cannabis sativa plant, which is also referred as hemp or cannabis. We have seen a significant increase in the production of CBD products varying from edibles to massage creams and whatnot. CBD Packaging boxes are designed exclusively for the CBD products such as;

    • Vape Cartridge Boxes
    • CBD Products Boxes
    • E-Liquid Boxes
    • Hemp Product Boxes
    • CBD Display Boxes
    • CBD Tincture Boxes

So, if you are planning to sell CBD products, you ought to opt for the packaging that is specifically designed for your CBD products. CBD Packaging boxes assures protection of the product from being damaged.

As the product contains liquid that is fragile and can be spilled, CBD boxes assures to prevent those accidents from happening because you wouldn’t want the liquid to be spilled on your fancy rug, right?

2# Cosmetic Boxes

Cosmetic Boxes

If you deal in cosmetics, The cosmetics boxes are specifically designed to cater your needs. Custom cosmetic boxes not only ensures the protection of your products but also makes your products standout amongst your competitors.

Now you must be wondering that there are many products which fall into the category of cosmetics and which products can be catered? Even though you can get a customized cosmetic box for any type of product but let us give you a few examples:

    • Cream boxes
    • Eyelash boxes
    • Hair Extension boxes
    • Lip Balm boxes
    • Lipstick Boxes
    • Makeup Boxes
    • Perfume Boxes

3# Display Packaging

Display Packaging

Do you ever happen to want a package for product which protects your product but still displays it? Display packaging boxes is exactly what you have been looking for. Many companies are inclining towards display packaging boxes for their products in order to attract their customers.

There won’t be much of an unboxing experience involved in this but it surely catches the attention of the consumers. And regardless of the type of product you are selling, display packaging boxes can be customized as per the requirement of your products.

4# Eco-Friendly Boxes

Eco-Friendly Boxes

With the passage of time, people have been becoming more aware and conscious about their environment and surroundings. They would want to opt for such products which would coming in an eco-friendly packaging and that’s where eco-friendly boxes come in the picture.

Below are the types of ECO Friendly packaging:

  • Bux Board Boxes (Best for packaging all sorts of materials )
  • Kraft Boxes (best choice to pack heavy objects)

These eco-friendly boxes not only piques the interest of your consumers who are conscious about keeping their environment clean but it also gives a statement that your company cares about the environment and you are contributing to it by providing eco-friendly boxes.

It does not matter which industry you belong to, you can choose to pack your products in eco-friendly boxes which will be customized as per your needs and requirements.

5# Food & Beverage Boxes

Food & Beverage Boxes

If you are from this sector of the industry, say no more! These boxes are designed exclusively for the eatables which not only protects the food but also ensures to keep them safe from all the toxicants while keeping them fresh.

You will have the liberty of designing the boxes just as the way you want them to be. Mentioned below are some of the industries which are already using customized food and beverage boxes:

    • Bakery boxes
    • Cake boxes
    • Chocolate boxes
    • Cupcake boxes
    • Custom cone sleeve
    • Popcorn boxes

If you are unable to find your industry among these, don’t worry because customized boxes can be made as per the needs and requirements of your product.

6# Gift Boxes

What make the gift special? A gift box! Obviously, the gift/product plays the vital role as well but a properly packaged gift has the ability to elevate your level of excitement to a drastic extent. There are different types of gift boxes that can be used for the purpose of packaging. Let us give you a few examples:

    • Favor boxes
    • Gable boxes
    • Gift card boxes
    • Handle boxes
    • Ornament boxes

7# Metalized Boxes

Want to give a premium feel to your product? Custom metalized boxes is what you are looking for! These custom made metalized boxes can be modified into any type of shape, sizes and styles. Not only that, you can add custom printing to it as well just like any other custom boxes.

Metalized boxes are visually appealing and customers are always bound to be intrigued by the shine of it. There are two types of Custom metalized boxes that you can opt for:

    • Gold foil boxes
    • Silver foil boxes

Regardless of whichever you pick out of these two, consumers are surely going to be attracted towards it which will surely improve your brands visibility as well as your product will stand out amongst your competitors by using one of these metalized boxes.

8# Retail Boxes

Last but not the least, it would be safe to say that Retail boxes are the most widely used customized boxes in the industry of custom packaging. Why? Because it’s also known as shelf-ready packaging. If you are a startup, retail boxes can be the most cost effective and efficient options for you to start with.

Regardless of the type of industry you belong to, retail boxes can be used by any industry for showcasing their products in the most effective and intriguing manner. Below we have mentioned some of the types of retail boxes that are already being used:

    • Bath bomb boxes
    • Candle boxes
    • Cigar boxes
    • Cigarette boxes
    • Die cut boxes
    • Mailer boxes
    • Pillow boxes
    • Product boxes
    • Soap boxes
    • White boxes

If you are unable to spot your relevant industry in the list, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about as I have already mentioned that these are some of the industries which are already using custom retail boxes for the packaging of their products.

You can get your custom retail box on demand which meets the requirement of the product that you are selling.


Times are changing fast and now a days a customer looks for the products that are worthy of their money. Products surely plays the main role in it but providing a memorable unboxing experience to your consumer will force them into believing that they invested in the right place! This way, they would know that their money did not go to waste.

In return of this, not only do you get to sustain your customers but these custom packaging boxes also works as a free marketing tool.

The better the design of your box is, chances of customers making unboxing videos increases to a great extent. They would flaunt how the product that they bought came into a premium box which stands out and their audience are surely going to enjoy it and would want to try it as well!

All of these solutions that are mentioned are cost effective and you won’t have to worry about your budget strains.


You only have one chance to make an impression

Let’s make it an amazing one.

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