What Does Custom Packaging Costs & Can I Afford Custom Packaging for My Products?

custom packaging costs

Custom packaging has become a basic necessity for every business that wants to increase its brand recognition and sales.

Consumers don’t just want your products, they want a complete experience that is worthy of their money, and shipping or displaying your products in standard boxes simply won’t do it.

What is the Purpose of Custom Packaging

The sole purpose of custom packaging is to increase the recognition of your brand and make a strong impression that will make customers want to buy your products.

However, the biggest concern and challenge for individuals or organizations who want to opt for custom packaging for their products remains the budget constraints.

If you are an individual or a startup, you would think a million times before investing in something else other than your product, right? But technically speaking, if you opt for custom boxes or custom packaging for your products, you are investing in your product which comes with a lot of benefits.

Custom packaging costs

Therefore, custom packaging remains one of the most important aspects of your business’s growth and sales.

Now coming to the cost, what if we told you that the power to make it fit within your budget remains in your hands? Let us narrow it down for you.

First of all, we need to establish the type of product you are selling which can include any one of the following;

  • Luxury Products
  • Food
  • Cosmetics
  • Electronics
  • Gift
  • Metalized
  • Eco Friendly

Unable to find the category of your product from the list? No worries! Find your relevant product box here.

Regardless of the type of product you are selling, the sole purpose of this is to narrow down your choices and get an understanding of how much custom packaging can cost you.

Differentiating between e-commerce and retail packaging is also going to affect your pricing majorly as the purpose of these packaging differs in terms of usage.

Moving further, another important aspect to consider could be the time frame during which your product is being launched as some packaging solutions consume more time than others. Rigid Packaging is a prime example of it.

Once you have determined and narrowed down these factors successfully, then you can begin the comparison of cost considerations for your custom packaging solutions.

Material Price & Finishing

The first thing to consider while opting for a custom packaging solution is to evaluate the cost of material and finishing. This will help you in determining the cost of your structural design and printing.

Of course, you will have a wide variety of materials to choose from and the prices are going to vary accordingly.

Given below is an estimated price list for you to have a brief overview of the costs.

Considering the launch of your product and budget, you might want to opt for more cost-effective packaging as not only it will save your costs but also your time.

Opting for high-quality packaging materials shouldn’t always be the goal as you must consider other factors as well. Let’s put it this way; you need to distinguish between what you “want” VS what you “need”.

For instance, you might want to hang an original Picasso painting on your wall but you don’t necessarily need it as you could opt for a replica as well which is going to create the same impact.

If you are a startup, an individual, or running a small business, you must pick your options wisely. Plus, there are various types of material options that are not only cost-effective but also successfully communicate the narrative of your brand just as a high-quality packaging will.

As we have mentioned above that narrowing down the industry that your product is serving will help you determine the type of material and finish you should choose for your product.

Once we are done with that, you will need to determine the volume of custom packaging that you require. Talking about small boxes – they are cheaper to produce and ship but larger boxes have their own benefits and can also be cost-effective depending on the minimum order. Generally speaking, the larger your order is, the lesser you will have to pay per unit.

Now, let’s go ahead and explore the material and finishing options further along with custom packaging costs.


Corrugated boxes are one of the safest options you can pick due to their cost-effectiveness and high durability. Not only they can be assembled easily but it works for a wide variety of products as well.

Corrugated boxes blog

Corrugated boxes are most popular amongst e-commerce businesses as they are not only cost-effective but also save a lot of time.

The thick texture of these corrugated boxes can support heavier items as well as protect fragile items from being damaged to some extent. Furthermore, corrugated packaging comes with a wide variety of finishes that you can choose from;

    • Varnish

In order to increase production efficiency, generate a faster turnaround time and decrease the costs of a unit overall, gloss varnish is highly recommended. Also, keep in mind, this is for small to medium-sized corrugated projects.

    • Lamination

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that a laminated coating assures the best protection but it can also be pricey depending upon the budget you allocate to other aspects of your project.

    • Wax Coating

If we talk about wax coating, not only are they water/grease resistant but also cost-effective. However, this coating may only be necessary if you are selling medical or food products. Since the corrugated packaging is made of organic materials, you really won’t require a wax coating to package your food or medicines.

Even though there are many finishing options available for you to choose from, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you “have to” choose one. You can also opt for none at all.

Opting for no coating will also reduce your packaging costs significantly. Another thing that you must keep in mind while opting for corrugated packaging is that you might not need this packaging if your products are not prone to breakage or being damaged.

Folding Carton (White and Kraft)

If the product that you are selling doesn’t require much protection, then this could be the best choice for you as it can save you a great amount of money. These boxes will decrease your shipping costs significantly as these folding cartons are lightweight and can hold larger orders for less cost.

Now if we talk about kraft paperboard, you must know that as compared to SBS white paperboard, kraft paperboard appears to be pricey. Kraft paperboard is made straight from the source which results in an exclusive texture and feel of it.

However, SBS white paperboard is produced from bleached recycled paper which makes it a more affordable option because it’s a reused material.

Even though Folding Carton appears to be one of the most cost-effective options, it still assures to provide a luxurious feel through its printing and finishing capabilities.

Also since you won’t have to spend much on the production of folding cartons, you will have more room to invest that money on special finishes and coatings.

The types of finishes that you can opt for:

1. Lamination

When we talk about laminated paperboard boxes, let us assure you that they are known to have the best quality BUT can be more expensive because of their protective properties.

2. UV & AQ Semi-Gloss Finishing

Looking for something that’s not expensive? This is what you need! AQ Semi-gloss is water-based and it’s the best alternative to keep food safe.

Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes are not for people who are looking for a cost-effective option. If you want top-notch and sturdy packaging quality, rigid boxes are your best bet. Not to forget, it’s also one of the priciest options as well.

If you are producing luxury products and your targeted audience loves to spend on luxury items, then opt for nothing else but rigid boxes as it provides a premium feel to the product resulting in great customer satisfaction.

Rigid Boxes blog

Rigid boxes are made of thick graybeard and its final construction is done by hand. Rigid packaging is made by gluing each edge and surface together by hand which definitely provides it a premium feel. Not only it’s an expensive option but it also takes a lot of time to be produced.

Since its luxury packaging is made exclusively for luxury items, it comes with special finishes and coatings. Below are the types of coating that you can opt for;

Specialty Coatings

Considering the fact that budget won’t be a hurdle for you if you have already opted for this packaging, you can also opt for special coatings too.

    • Textured paper
    • Embossed and Debossed
    • Pearlized coating
    • Glittered
    • Reticulated
    • Scented
    • Foil Stamped

If the budget isn’t an issue and your product is a luxury item, then the best way to grab your audience is to opt for a rigid box along with special coatings which will surely manage to captivate the audience and increase your sales.

custom packaging for my products


We hope that by now you would have a clearer idea of what you want to or need to opt for. Our advice is to always opt for a custom packaging solution as it has an endless amount of benefits.

Even if you have budget constraints, you can still opt for it but all you need to have is a proper strategy and a good packaging company which will help you optimize your packaging needs as per your budget and requirements.

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