Usage of Custom Candle Boxes in your Business

Usage of Custom Candle Boxes

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the word “candles”? It has got to be pleasing aromas or maybe a candlelight dinner with your loved ones! Candles can also be associated with relaxation or a symbol of peace. Candles are available in a wide range of different scents that cater to the needs the requirements of the customers.

But what actually makes these candles stand out are the custom candle boxes. Yep, that’s right, these candle boxes are made to reflect the true essence of the product itself and to leave a long-lasting impression on the consumers.

In order to establish a powerful connection with the customers and stand out amongst your competitors, custom candle boxes are what you need. Luxury candle boxes can be customized in a variety of ways including unique illustrations and graphics.

Moreover, if the packaging is utilized effectively, you won’t even need to invest a big sum of money in marketing your candles because your products will be sold like hot cakes in the market.

Why Does the Candle Packaging Box Design Matter?

Well, did you know that according to the stats, about 81% of retail buyers would conduct thorough research before opting to buy the product.

To simplify it even more, shoppers would prefer something unique that intrigues them and stands out from other products. Custom packaging is a big part of attracting customers because most of them will decide whether or not to buy a product based on how it is presented to them.

For example, would you buy something that doesn’t appear unique to you or doesn’t have nice packaging? Because obviously you won’t be able to see the product itself and the only thing that will tempt you to purchase that product is going to be the packaging.

Candle Packaging Box Design Matter

So, it’s a known fact that creating a compelling design for your custom candle boxes is surely going to attract more buyers and your product will sell like hotcakes. Not only that, if you want to improve your brand’s image, customizing the packaging of your products is going to be the first step toward success. Therefore, your uniquely designed custom candle boxes are going to be the first point of impression in any case.

How Can I Design the Best-Looking Custom Candle Boxes?

Okay, so this specific point is going to be the game changer and that’s where you will be taking the lead ahead of your competitors. There are various ways and ideas that you can utilize to target your audience. Let us share a few tips with you to give you an idea of how it should be done;

  1. First of all, you should carefully inspect the product you are offering and then look for the most appropriate packaging design for your candles accordingly. You’ve got to make sure that the design you choose reflects your product effectively.
  2. Think of creative ideas to pack your products because if you get creative enough, happy customers might even make unboxing videos of your product and share it on their social media accounts. And if you manage to do that, your brand will be getting a powerful endorsement without you even having to pay a single penny for it.

Now, What Type of Stuff Can You Display on The Packaging of The Boxes?

By keeping your product in mind, you could start by displaying the:

  • Branding
    Logo of your brand in the corners.
  • Written copy
    This can include anything from a catchy slogan that depicts your brand’s identity to a description to words enticing someone to purchase.
  • Imagery
    Utilize eye-catchy and trendy graphics & typography.
  • Required markings
    You may be required to add a barcode, nutrition information, association markings, etc., depending on your product or sector.
  • Additional content
    Some items, such as food or cosmetics, need supplementary information to be printed on various batches (expiration dates or batch numbers). You generally don’t want to put this directly onto your package, since it will change often, but you’ll want to leave room for a sticker or stamp with this information to be inserted later.

Use High-Quality Packaging Materials for Custom Made Candle Packaging

Candles are fragile and delicate products and in the event that you have to ship them to your consumer’s desired address, sustaining the product during that process can be a big challenge. This is why you must pick the most sturdy and resilient material for the manufacturing of your customized candle boxes.

There are different types of materials available in the market that companies choose for the packaging of their candles.

What Are the Types of Materials That Can Be Used for Packaging?

The following materials may be used for bespoke candle box printing:

1# Cardboard Material

When it comes to custom candle boxes, this is one of the most popular materials that is being used widely in the industry. Since this material compresses cardboard sheets under high pressure, it assures you to protect your product from external damage.

This material assures the best strength for wrapping the product. Plus, it provides a premium quality that comes in handy for any kind of custom printing. It gives you the liberty to design your customized candle boxes in any way you want.

2# Kraft Candle Boxes

Being a biodegradable and environment-friendly material makes it easier to assemble. Nowadays, people are well aware of the harms caused by pollution and global warming which makes them inclined toward this material which is environment friendly and biologically degradable.

To grab the attention of your eco-conscious customers, you can utilize this eco-friendly material which will successfully leave an impact on your custom made packaging for candles. Lastly, this material is flexible and can be crafted easily which means, you can choose your design freely as per the need of your brand.

3# Corrugated Material

Have issues with shipping delicate candles? Corrugated material is your best bet! If your candles end up being delivered in a damaged condition, you surely won’t be able to retain your customer base effectively.

So, in order to protect your delicate candles from being harmed due to any environmental factors such as weather, jerks, or even accidents, this material is exactly what you need. All of these materials that I have mentioned can be transformed and molded into your desired shape which makes them a perfect choice when considering customized candle boxes.

Just make sure to get them customized according to the size and shape of your candles because no one likes a product that is packed in an untidy manner.

Candle packaging box design

Another one of the biggest benefits of Custom Candle Boxes Effortless Marketing of your brand 

Don’t want to spend a huge sum of money on marketing your products or enhancing your brand’s image? No problem! These customized candle boxes shall do that for you! This can be used as a seamless marketing tool that won’t only attract the customers but boost the sales of your product significantly while promoting your brand.

By displaying the logo of your brand on the box, adding a unique message which reflects the product inside is going to do wonders for you. As the entire world struggled its way through the pandemic, the trend of online shopping increased drastically. Social Media (Facebook, Instagram & YouTube) became even more popular during this time. You can see videos of product unboxing being uploaded on YouTube on a daily basis.

Whether its mobiles, shoes, clothes, candles, toys, watches, or even small gifts, influencers regularly upload these types of videos to influence a purchase decision and honestly, it’s one of the most cost-effective brand marketing ever.

Let us share some interesting stats regarding the unique packaging of the products and how it’s going to impact your customers.

  • About 35% of the consumers watch unboxing videos of the product before making a purchase.
  • 55% of those consumers agreed that the video convinced them to buy their desired product.
  • A majority of those satisfied customers won’t hesitate in sharing their experiences of the brand’s packaging on their social media handles but only if it’s uniquely done.

Products have their own importance but a unique experience of unboxing which the consumers can boast about on their social media to get likes is going to promote your brand’s image significantly and increase your sales.


So the bottom line is, that by using custom candle boxes, you can reap numerous benefits and attract your customers by providing a unique experience to your customers. The era is all about Digital Marketing and to make an impactful presence of your brand, custom printed boxes are the need of the hour.

Whether you are planning to display it in your store or market them online, a design that stands out is going to give you a huge competitive edge over your competitors. If you are unsure about the types of design or boxes you could choose to make your product stand out, Packaging companies have professionals who can assist you in doing so.

Our designing experts have years of experience in the field of custom packaging and you can utilize it effectively to market your products and connect with your customers on an emotional level by giving them something they might not have experienced before.

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