8 Benefits Of Custom Printed Boxes For E-commerce

custom printed box

E-commerce is the solution the world needs in the post-COVID era. Billions of consumers adopted this solution right after the initial COVID waves. We have tips to help determine eCommerce’s importance and why custom packaging matters.

So, a trend becomes the norm:

  1. Only Amazon earns more than a trillion dollars with their eCommerce dispatches.
  2. The fashion industry alone has more than 700 billion dollars in eCommerce consumption.
  3. The electronic E-commerce market has more than 350 billion dollars in share in the eCommerce

So, to answer the question of how well your box works for e-commerce makes a huge impact, you need to understand. That is why you should know how great packaging can enhance your eCommerce sales.

Social Media Boost

social media

Social media works for many niches, from cat videos to WordPress tutorials, so why unboxing? Well, it has been a norm for many years that your packaging is a means for creating a better brand image. So, the better your packaging looks, the more impressive your product’s unboxing will be.

But why does that matter? Well, the thing is, everyone is on the internet, from your cousin to their cousin’s brother’s dog. So, when people see your product, unboxing your impressive packaging is bound to get their attention.

That is why your branding gets a real boost when people are unwrapping your shoes or insert them from your perfume boxes. So, you can get boxes printed with logos and designs that suit every industry.


We all need protection in our lives, but eCommerce packages need some extra of it. Finally, they need to travel hundreds of miles from one country to another. So, some materials work perfectly to offer your packages the protection they deserve. Some of these materials are:

  • Loose-Fill Materials
  • Packaging Foam and Paper
  • Padded Divider Sets
  • Bubble Wrap

Moreover, you retain your customers by ensuring your customers receive your products undamaged. Further, you can be more sure to deliver germs-free products with the right custom packaging for online orders.

Another benefit that also goes for your business is that you can spend less on transit and shipment. So, a good material saves your skin from several problems a customer would face when they receive your products.

Psychological Effects and Customer Satisfaction

custom boxes

Your packaging hugely impacts your customers’ psychology. So, your color can be a decisive factor. One thing is for sure you need to draw your customers into buying products impulsively and emotionally.

Looks like a fair deal? Well, you must ensure you apply strong branding effects and create attraction for sales.

Some tips to remember:

  1. You should use sleek toy packaging for male kids with bold facets.
  2. If you are selling female toys, you can have rounded edges for your packaging
  3. Using slim packaging can help you get a better feel for your healthcare products.
  4. Your packaging texture also needs to be impressive and attractive.
  5. Finally, ensure your packaging color meets your product image and theme.

So when you have only a couple of pictures to make your product stand out, good packaging needs to make the last experience ecstatic.


custom printed boxes

Well, branding is something that goes with the brand. So, your brands need to have a great branding impact. That is why you need to have perfect elements on your packaging for your eCommerce trade.

  1. Your logo makes a branding impact.
  2. Using a color theme allows your brands to have consistency, boosting your branding.
  3. The use of graphics on your package should be consistent.

These elements make your brand more prominent as more people learn about it. This is what we call branding that does not need your customers to read your brand name every time they see your packaging.

This way, you also make a clear brand statement to define what you represent with packaging elements. It further works on marketing levels by representing what you believe in.

This way, you can build your brand’s image with a great first impression with impressive custom-printed packaging boxes in your eCommerce orders. Also, you look more authentic when your customer may be hundreds of miles away when you offer professional packaging. These boxes printed with logos can transform your marketing forever, so you can definitely rely on them.

Memorable Experience

No one would remember their first kindergarten book, but you will definitely remember those glossy comics you received last week. So, your packaging plays a massive role in ensuring your audience remembers their products as a great experience.

When they love products due to the packaging, they will return with a craving for the same experience. So, let them be happy with the beautiful products they get with added help from packaging beauty.

Your packaging material’s protection also plays a role here. Why would anyone like to receive something that looks like a group of rhinos stomped on the way? So, let them be excited to receive from you the next time they order.

The customer is happy, and so is the eCommerce business owner, Happy selling!

Tailored To Your Needs

Your customers can rely on you when you get tailored packages that go with your products. So, when you use custom-printed packaging boxes, you ensure your customers will not receive an elephant in a mouse’s space.

That is why the right dimensions work for all eCommerce deliveries, big, medium, small, or extra small. Plus, you get to choose from the most versatile add-ons that protect your products. Also, they add a special flare to your products to ensure perfect beauty and impression.

Consumer Safety and Ease

This one may look a bit different than the other ones. The thing is you do not add safety for your customers in the packaging, but the real deal is that you do! Think of a pharmaceutical product that uses information for safe consumption.

Well, you must offer information on the packaging to ensure your customer’s safety. Only if they know how many tablets they should take a day or when to take them, only then can they stay safe. So, your customized packaging is helping your customers stay safe from unwanted side effects.

What else? A kid will not have to use a knife to cut the product out of the packaging, which eases it. So, your customers have more stable nerves and a sense of safety when anyone can easily open the product.

Your eCommerce products need to be easy to open to ensure anyone can use them. This way, you allow people a convenient way to use and unbox products.

You can buy custom printed boxes with no minimum limit from companies that offer reliable boxes in the US. So, why worry about having dozens of problems in one box (pun intended)?


Sustainability is not one thing, but for customers, it is an essential thing. When we call something sustainable, it normally has these 3 qualities:

  1. It is reusable
  2. You can recycle it
  3. It is safe for the ecosystem.

We all know global warming and how industries that use carbon fuel are ruining our ecosystem. At the same time, your customers will be concerned if the product will end up in a landfill or the ocean. So, they care how well they serve the planet keeping their product consumption in mind.

That is why custom packaging can solve your legal issues and help your customers stay satisfied. The only thing you have to do is to ensure your eCommerce dispatches are safe for the earth. Custom packaging is the best way to ensure sustainability for any kind of product

Final Thoughts on Custom Printed Boxes

You can get digital printing on boxes and rely on the benefits they offer. Getting protection, sustainability, better attraction, improved custom retention, and product experience is always satisfying. Also, they offer customer safety with the information you can print and share with them. These benefits make your eCommerce packaging a unique bit of flare your customers would love to have.

So, if you are an eCommerce business, and you need custom printed boxes, Packaging X offers packages that suit multiple needs, including the most thriving and top industries in the USA.

We can help you with custom e-commerce packaging without having to pay a heavy fee. You get your custom boxes for eCommerce with the most reliable quality and beauty no one can turn their eyes off.

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